15mm Gallipoli game played out….


April 4, 2018 by wargamerchris

So son #2 and I were able to play the Gallipoli scenario we had laid out. I pushed the five battalion British Infantry Brigade and he the four of Turks. What was that I said – almost parity with the British attacking into the teeth of the defense? That didn’t work in the Great War – and so it was here….

Fast-forward to turn three or so and the Lanacashires were moving close to the base of the ridge.  Please note the obstacles my opponent insisted upon before the game.


The two leading companies were stalwart, but in a turn took 50% casualties.20180210_2217242146924694957728363.jpg

A low stone wall on the left provided some cover but the Turkish MGs weren’t slowed by it…20180210_2215344625154203786820103.jpg

One of the challenges in the attack was the effective placement of my MG stands.  It seemed like it was always challenging to find an effective placement in the rush forward to lose with the Turk.


The last recon stand was forced back from the wire.  This was nearly the high water mark for the British- no pics from  far left or right were taken – because those efforts went worse than the Lancashire’s.20180210_2229596057373764921527343.jpg

Here then is the high tide – companies at they wire – the clever defender opened up with all and swept them away….20180210_2215145259572720864802866.jpg

the pile of removed stand being somewhat larger than usual for a Command Decision Test of Battle game, I was left to ponder how to attack that ridge effectively with the forces  I had.  The brigade fell back to immediate cover and dug in.  We called the game then.  I needed lots of artillery ashore, effective naval gunfire support, and a narrower front to attack with waves.  I’m sure that would work….

After 12 years of casually collecting 15mm Great War minis this was the first time I have ever run a game with them.  I like the rules for WW1 as outlined in the supplements for the Marne and Eastern front.  I am considering GreatWar Spearhead 2 which I have a copy of – but at the rate of one game every 12 years –  who knows….



One thought on “15mm Gallipoli game played out….

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great looking game- thanks for sharing.


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