28mm Napoleonics – family effort


March 9, 2019 by wargamerchris

I’ve been painting 15mm Napoleonics since 1984, so when my younger son started collecting Warlord and Perry figures for the Waterloo campaign, I assumed we would pass through that phase…  here we are.  The Sharpe series didn’t help – a little too inspiring for a 12yo.

First – we don’t need to do this – so purely a labor of love and related to the excellent visual spectacle which is the Napoleonic era.  On top of that, we have literally hundreds of unpainted Warlord and Perry Miniatures on-hand.

Here’s what we had when we took stock:

3 Waterloo Starter sets from Warlord (2 2nd edition, 1 1st)

2 British Starter armies – Warlord

2 French Starter armies – Warlord

1 La Haye Saint set

2 Boxes Perry French infantry

2 Boxes Perry British infantry

2 Victrix later war french infantry sets

2  Victrix british infantry sets

2 Victrix french artillery sets

We also purchased some painted units off of eBay to get a start.  We have agreed to limit this project to the Peninsula and 1815 campaigns – it should take some years to paint what we have.


French ADC – painted by the son – not bad for a 12yo paint job!  He commanded the left wing brigade in our first game.   Rather a successful commander as well.


The french flank cavalry cross a stream and charge a battalion which failed to form a square.


Our first Victrix gun/ crew


The cover afforded by the hedge here didn’t make enough difference – BP2 can be a decisive set of rules!


A view from the farmyard as the blue wave moved to cross the bridge…



My son painted this colonel and his dog as well – they seem a pretty effective team.



Our only painted British cavalry regiment so far – in their usual tradition, they charged once and were destroyed a turn later!


We learned a number of things:

  1.  Black Powder 2 was easy to pickup for us as 1st edition players.
  2. 28mm Games need more table space!
  3. The British need more cavalry – even a combination of guns and squares didn’t stop an entire wing of cavalry.


We continue with more troops for both sides – after my French opponent rolled over my two brigades of redcoats, I quickly primed the rifles.  We are still looking for an available figure for Sharpe/ Harper!



2 thoughts on “28mm Napoleonics – family effort

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great photos. I admire your ambition taking on a project of that size.




  2. MH says:

    Hi Chris,
    Sorry if this is a bit off topic but it’s not about Napoleonics. I just wasnt sure how far back you went to check comments about your posts.
    I saw your post about RussoPolish war and I have a large amount of 15mm Peter Pig figs all painted and mounted for this war but am no longer doing it. Wondering if you might be interested in them, I’d like to give them a good home so I am willing to let them go dirt cheap.

    If you are going to Little Wars in April, I will be there to run a game and I could bring these guys along for you to look at before you agree to anything of course.



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