Real gaming genius – a homemade Lord of the Rings board campaign game from Son #2


April 25, 2021 by wargamerchris

When we went on Spring Break a few weeks ago, Son #2 showed his real aptitude in war-games design at 14 years of age. He often develops ideas into sets of miniature rules and also into travel games to allow us to spend time rolling dice in the evenings after hard days at Disney or on the beach.

This year he developed a custom campaign set around the events of the Two Towers and the struggle between the Kingdom or Rohan and Isengard.

A view of the game in progress – the Green counters in the lower left represent the Rohirim and Fellowship members who retreated to Helms Deep.

He developed event cards for both sides, some clever mechanics using a variety of battlefield cards that allowed for thematic use of terrain. Throughout he demonstrated his encyclopedic knowledge of The Lord of the Rings…

Some bad things happened – one party of orcs managed to wipe out all of the ents by attacking Fangorn Forest. We only played for two hours, and the combat rules were tweaked often, but the scale of the game preparation, clever design etc was really impressive to me.

As a 14yo gamer, I was not at this point in my maturity of thinking etc. He’s a smart kid. More to come on this one….

One thought on “Real gaming genius – a homemade Lord of the Rings board campaign game from Son #2

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    That is some impressive work by your son.




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