Engineers, Generals and Colonels, Artillerists: 15mm War of Spanish Succession

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September 19, 2017 by wargamerchris

The next up for my WSS project was several sticks worth of Engineers or Sappers.  I painted these generically in browns and some whites/ grays so that I could use these for virtually any combatant command on any side in the conflicts that I plan to play games for – GNW through WSS and even for my SYW games.   These are by Roundway, and come highly recommended.  Great customer service as well.


I also painted up a commander for them – also in a brown coatwp-image-149418841

Coming off the painting table at the same time – a couple sticks worth of colonels and generals to match my painted armies.  I did these in a variety of uniforms.  These are the venerable Editions Brokaw miniatures, so not much detail, but it was fun nonetheless.  The discerning old hand will note a couple of Minifigs in there.


And finally six crews for French artillery in blue with red cuffs.  Again Editions Brokaw.  wp-image-1128550476


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