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  1. Rangers of Shadowdeep – Mission 2 – The Trees….


    May 19, 2020 by wargamerchris

    In February, before all the lockdown stuff started, I set up the small gaming table to run Mission 2 from …
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  2. HMGS Little Wars 2018: One gamer’s travelogue through a new four day gaming experience (PIC Heavy)

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    May 13, 2018 by wargamerchris

    Weekend before last was HMGS Little Wars at the Westin Yorktown in the west suburba of Chicago. We make a …
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  3. 25mm Colonial pulp: Professor Johnstone in Africa


    April 21, 2018 by wargamerchris

    So another game that needs to get posted before it fades entirely. This year was a return to darkest Africa …
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  4. New Star Wars 25mm/ 28mm Aliens, Rebels, Guerrillas, and vehicles for Battle of Jedha (pic heavy)

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    January 21, 2018 by wargamerchris

    So this weekend provided a window to finalize painting of my new 25mm/ 28mm Star Wars Miniatures for the convention …
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  5. 25mm/ 28mm Star Wars terrain and new units work in process

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    January 19, 2018 by wargamerchris

    Winter Wars in Champaign is 7 days away and we are running our Rogue One Jedha game again. With Star …
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  6. 25mm WW1 Coastal U-boat

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    November 30, 2017 by wargamerchris

    One of many small updates tonight. This piece has languished in my primed but never painted mountain for perhaps a …
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  7. 28mm Night’s Watch for Dragons Rampant

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    October 22, 2017 by wargamerchris

    Just a short update – finished a 12 figure unit of the gentlemen from Castle Black.  We are up to …
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  8. 25mm Game of Thrones Project Launch: Tully Infantry, Stark archers

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    September 18, 2017 by wargamerchris

    One of then bucket list projects that has been lingering is our work to paint about 150 Foundry 25mm medievals …
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  9. Help us name this Viking Warlord for our Dark Ages campaign

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    September 18, 2017 by wargamerchris

    He needs a name…. This Danish warlord was found languishing in the store a few days ago, and a quick …
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  10. Some pics from Little Wars 2017 (PIC Heavy)


    June 19, 2017 by wargamerchris

    We try to hit HMGS Little Wars most years.  It was a great show this year and I saw a …
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Small Soldiers

I’m a father, soldier, wargamer and traveler. This site is for my kids and to share my work over half a lifetime musing on the history of warriors and the portrayal of their efforts in miniature.  I’ve never really known why I do this

Wargame Rules

Rules I’m gaming with now:

Lions Rampant/ Dragons Rampant
Black Powder
Age of Eagles/ Age of Valor/ Fire and Fury
Force on Force/ Ambush Alley/ Ambush Z!
Hail Caesar
Command Decision: Test of Battle
Battles for Empire 2
Pride of Lions
The Sword and the Flame

Rules I’m Considering:

Sword and Spear/ Sword and Spear Fantasy
Regimental Fire and Fury
Open Combat
Chain of Command
Sharpe Practice 2
Wilderness Wars
Test of Honour
Field of Battle
Pike and Shotte (Warlord)
General de Armee (TFL)
Flames of War – Vietnamese/ WW2

Rules I still need to find to make my life better:

15mm Napoleonic mass battles rules (holy grail)
15mm War of the Spanish Succession mass battle rules
15mm Zombie mass battle rules


Command Decision Test of Battle Forum:


Din of Battle:


Henry Hyde’s Site:


Dan Mersey – author of a couple of rules sets we like:


Miniature Addiction:


Wasatch Front HMGS (Journals):




Big Force on Force (Great modern gaming)


Last Stand Dan:



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