Solo wargaming: Storm of Steel Wargaming – highly recommended


May 19, 2020 by wargamerchris

While we’ve each been finding our own paths through this lockdown period, one of the things I have been grateful for have been the tremendous effort by some of our fellow hobbyists to generate content and share ideas about enjoying solo-wargaming.

I hate to act like a fanboy, but check out Storm of Steel Wargaming on Youtube.  He is in the UK, and his content is really well done in my opinion.  He mixes historical summaries of campaigns, battle reports, how-to videos on some popular rules sets etc.

Here’s a link to one of his most recent weekly solo wargaming reports:

Playing I Ain’t Been Shot Mum, Chain of Command, and Rapid Fire games  – very inspiring.  He doesn’t start there – he also does Waterloo in 6mm using Blucher and Command and Colors Napoleonic, and two great games using Square Bashing to name a couple more.  Excellent quality, great looking minis, and an engaging style.  Highly recommended.

At a minimum he’s responsible for making me purchase:

  • Clump foliage – for making jungle scrub terrain scatter pieces – so simple but look amazing
  • Square Bashing Rules from Peter Pig as well as their Army book
  • Five IABSM supplements including those for Malaysia (Lions Gate) from Too Fat Lardies
  • Chain of Command order boards and some other bits from Sabotaged in the UK.
  • More 15mm WW2 Japanese, Gurkha, Indian Commonwealth miniatures!
  • Now more 15mm Romanians including a successful hunt for a 15mm R-2 tank for the Barbarossa campaign.  Battlefront Romanians are somewhat hard to find out there!

I’m sure there is more.  I’m trying to resist the idea of rebasing my entire 15mm WW1 collection for Square Bashing – at least my Western Front Germans/ British/ French.   That would suck, but his games look amazing.  (see his terrain mat for square bashing – the squares effect is tremendous).

He also has a  Facebook page, tweets, and runs Patreon to help support new content.  For those of you who like Judge Dredd, he’s done some very inspiring batters!

Five stars – but beware – you may compulsively spend money….


One thought on “Solo wargaming: Storm of Steel Wargaming – highly recommended

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    It isa great channel- I watch it a lot too.

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