Some pics from Little Wars 2017 (PIC Heavy)


June 19, 2017 by wargamerchris

We try to hit HMGS Little Wars most years.  It was a great show this year and I saw a number of inspiring games.  It is always interesting to see how someone uses the same miniatures you own to create some really interesting games.

This riverine Flames of War Vietnam game was making at least it’s second appearance at Little Wars.  I’m confident of that because after I saw it last year I went and bought much of the same terrain, boats, figures.  This is one of those games that was pure inspiration for me.  I’m not sure about the rules frankly, but the hardware, miniatures and concept are very on target for me



This was an interesting The Men Who Would Be Kings game – primarily because the GM was using all plastic 20mm/ 1/72 miniatures and scratch built terrain.

There were two starship troopers games I saw – this was the first and I managed to capture a few pics – also inspiring because i have managed to build and paint these armies for the last 10 years but never (and I mean not even once) have I run a game with them.  This looks like fun to me – need to get it on the tabletop!!!!

The second starship troopers game was by Jim R- it was very visually appealing and included my son’s early and spectacular demise trying to recover a downed satellite.

This next game was our first and my younger son and I really enjoyed being Abyssinians and trying to drive off the Italians from our village.  This was inspiring because earlier this year I finished painting an additional 200 or so of the same Bicorne Miniatures Abyssinians for a game that I was running at Cincycon (ultimately having to cancel at the last minute due to a family emergency).  Great figures and a less run-of-the-mill setting.

The rules were TSATF and worked out well for this particular game.

The vaunted Abyssinian MG team – I need to order a couple of these

The Abyssinian command including a well painted Coptic Priest (sic)

Sole Abyssinian mounted unit

A photographer on-hand to capture everything

The paint job on the tribesmen was excellent – all EBAY acquired more than 10 years ago he says – makes me want to cry.

One of the beautiful tables setup was for an ants vs mankind game – I didn’t see the exposition so can’t inform, but the table was magnificent – there must have been 3-4K worth of terrain/ vehicles/ miniatures at the start before the giant ants even popped up.

54mm Elephants always deserve a photograph

The fort from the scratcbuilt TMWWBK game:



This set of photos of a remarkable game deserve special mention because of the emotions they evoke – toy soldiers as ‘toy soldiers’ – amazingly clever.  TREMENDOUS amount of beautiful work – the pics don’t do the minis justice.


Same red cloth – now a FUBAR Star Wars game – as readers may note, I’ve been looking for rules that wills scale for largish 25mm Star Wars games.  I think FUBAR is potentially one answer.

I have to say that this is one of our favorite shows and this year didn’t disappoint.  I spent somewhat less than usual because I ran three games and was literally wiped out before sprinting home to fly out for work on Sunday evening.

Hats off the HMGS-Midwest crew that routinely organizes and runs this outstanding show.  We bring 3-5 kids annually and everyone treats them as royalty.  I especially like the looks on their faces when they have a medal pinned to their chests – great stuff!!!

















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  1. Pete Aguilu says:

    was a great convention, as always!

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