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  1. The road to White Plains: Live Free or Die Rules – 10mm AWI


    October 4, 2021 by wargamerchris

    When Little Wars TV announced they were releasing an episode on Brandywine, and using their new home-brew rules for the …
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  2. Real gaming genius – a homemade Lord of the Rings board campaign game from Son #2


    April 25, 2021 by wargamerchris

    When we went on Spring Break a few weeks ago, Son #2 showed his real aptitude in war-games design at …
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  3. A surprise 28mm Marlburian Battle at the crossroads….


    April 25, 2021 by wargamerchris

    A couple months ago Son #2 surprised me by staying up after his homework and setting up a Black Powder …
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  4. Four more 15mm SYW French Regiments

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    May 19, 2020 by wargamerchris

    Just a quick self-motivational post.  As I prepared for the Fortress Isle game, I began to get a War of …
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  5. 15mm Louisiana Zouaves – a love for Stone Mountain minis, ACW, and Johnny Reb when I was younger. Blame the guys on Little Wars TV!

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    May 19, 2020 by wargamerchris

    One of the things which I have really enjoyed since the fall has been the content on Little Wars TV …
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  6. Winter War 20 – Aliens vs Colonial Marines


    March 9, 2020 by wargamerchris

    As  Winter War 20 was winding down, I ran a Sunday morning game reprising our Aliens on LV-428.  In short, …
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  7. Ile de la forteresse: 15mm SYW Islands Game


    March 8, 2020 by wargamerchris

    An ahistorical SYW Amphibious assault game using Black Powder 2nd Edition

  8. Rangers of Shadowdeep – getting started


    March 19, 2019 by wargamerchris

    Rangers of Shadowdeep scratches an itch for me – tabletop cooperative Frostgrave sounds like fun, looks like fun, and gives …
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  9. 28mm Napoleonics – family effort


    March 9, 2019 by wargamerchris

    I’ve been painting 15mm Napoleonics since 1984, so when my younger son started collecting Warlord and Perry figures for the …
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  10. Winter War 2019 – Professor Johnstone and the Abyssinian Evacuation: 25mm Italo-Ethiopian game


    March 8, 2019 by wargamerchris

    Winter War 2019 was another nice chance to head close to home and meet up with many old friends while …
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Small Soldiers

I’m a father, soldier, wargamer and traveler. This site is for my kids and to share my work over half a lifetime musing on the history of warriors and the portrayal of their efforts in miniature.  I’ve never really known why I do this

Wargame Rules

Rules I’m gaming with now:

Lions Rampant/ Dragons Rampant
Black Powder
Age of Eagles/ Age of Valor/ Fire and Fury
Force on Force/ Ambush Alley/ Ambush Z!
Hail Caesar
Command Decision: Test of Battle
Battles for Empire 2
Pride of Lions
The Sword and the Flame

Rules I’m Considering:

Sword and Spear/ Sword and Spear Fantasy
Regimental Fire and Fury
Open Combat
Chain of Command
Sharpe Practice 2
Wilderness Wars
Test of Honour
Field of Battle
Pike and Shotte (Warlord)
General de Armee (TFL)
Flames of War – Vietnamese/ WW2

Rules I still need to find to make my life better:

15mm Napoleonic mass battles rules (holy grail)
15mm War of the Spanish Succession mass battle rules
15mm Zombie mass battle rules


Command Decision Test of Battle Forum:

Din of Battle:

Henry Hyde’s Site:

Dan Mersey – author of a couple of rules sets we like:


Miniature Addiction:

Wasatch Front HMGS (Journals):


Big Force on Force (Great modern gaming)

Last Stand Dan:


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