Potemkin Russians – two regiments of dragoons


July 18, 2017 by wargamerchris

These fellows have been on the painting table for months and I just tackled them last week and finished them up.  wp-image-698954347

The regular cavalry of the Potemkin era come in an interesting variety – light cavalry, carabineer, dragons, life guards, horse jaegers.  Cossacks fought on both sides.  I don’t know yet whether the Hussar regiments took to the field for either the arusso-Turkish or Polish wars of the period.  Sources on the era seem limited.

The miniatures are from the Falcon line.  They are really a joy to paint up.  I don’t do washes on this particular collection.  Next up will be more Russian infantry units.  The lone Jaeger unit I have needs reinforcement and some units fielded white summer uniforms instead of red/green so will probably be addressed.  This period continues to hold a fascination after the first year of the project.  For more great cavalry pics in 15mm i highly recommend Eric’s Din of Battle site here.

One thought on “Potemkin Russians – two regiments of dragoons

  1. Eric Starnes says:

    Hey wargamer Chris,
    I paid Falcon Figures to sculpt this line. I have sources for this period (in Polish and Russian). Two Russian hussar regiments did fight in the 1794 Polish Rebellion (Kosciouszko Rebellion) and if I remember correctly, some hussar regiments were in the army against the Turks but I’ll have to look again at the sources.
    Regarding the cossacks – the Poles raised 2 regiments of ‘Cossacks’ (called ‘Wiernych’ – loosely translated as ‘Believer’) and from what few sources are available – they were dressed like normal Cossacks.
    Love the blog by the way!
    Feel free to email me at:


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