Quick game: Flames of War 440pt Late War US armored group against wehrmacht infantry

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May 6, 2018 by wargamerchris

Son #2 has been pushing me to play Flames of War and set up a game for us while I was on the road.

Briefly, the Americans looked like the combat command from an armored division: Medium tank company M4, an M5 platoon with a mechanized company. On my side – one platoon of Stugs, two platoons of infantry with support weapons, a group of Pak 40s and a flak group in the town with an 88l56.

We used our new teddy bear during terrain mat from killing fields terrain.

A view from my German end of the table

He bought these stugs at the flea market at little wars and loves their light gray paint job, so my nicely painted stugs stayed in the case. Of course these guys shot better than mine ever have!!!

The flak unit also had two 20mm stands but they never had Los to any American stands so were useless…

The casualty pile (all german) at end of turn 2. One of my great biases in world war 2 rules is the need for meaningful infantry action. Flanes of war is essentially an armor centric game so these beautiful stands are frustratingly fodder….

Well major, we have lost another town – time to take the flak gun and move eastward….

I lost. I destroyed six Sherman’s and a stuart as well as a couple halftracks, but my entire force except for the flak battery was wiped out.

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