15mm Soviet-Polish War 1919-1921

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October 13, 2018 by wargamerchris

New projects are always a lite challenging and yet maybe among the best experiences for me in the hobby. Here is one I’m into for 2018-2019. Having spent a lot of time on building our Polish Partition armies, I wanted to tackle a war which often sits in the shadows of the Great War and the Russian Revolution. The Polish bid to expand their borders and re-establish sovereignty is very compelling. It is full of see-saw campaigns and battles which provide interesting tactical challenges.

The Poles took on massive Russian formations which were very capable in their own right.

15mm Polish infantry command stand – Peter Pig

On the tabletop there is another unique challenge which I like – there is not a tailored miniature line for the Poles in 15mm. I know for some it is painful, but for me a labor of love. The good/bad part is that at the beginning of the war the Poles returned to their homeland from wherever they had been fighting, often in the uniforms they had – so French sky blue with adrian helmets, German field gray with stahlenhelm, Austrian Uhlans etc. The Poles also received clothing, food, and munitions from the allies as they were seen as a means of stopping bolshevism spreading westward….

In short, anything goes for sourcing 15mm World War I figures.

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