Back to Ahmednuggur: More 15mm Wellesley in India


March 9, 2019 by wargamerchris

At Winter War 2019 we brought the walled city of Ahmednuggur back for a second convention game.  It had been a couple of years but setting up the table and the troops is relatively easy, so I’m sure it will become a staple for the convention circuit.


Wellesley oversees the reserve while the advance guard pushes the light gun to the gate – hopefully to knock it down…


A better view of the main gate of the pettah – the Scots in the lead here would take a serious beating in this iteration…



The Marathas have four units of light cavalry outside the fortress to harass the British and make them keep some flank security….



Three units of arab mercenary troops were inside the city – including this one just behind the gate.


Major Dodd’s cobras are here on the wall – in the purple trousers.  The Sharpe novel inspired a special rule – once a British/Sepoy unit enters the fortress, Dodd and his Cobras have to escape the table – typically by the gate on the opposite side of the Pettah.  



The fortress garrison did a nice job of backstopping units on the wall which were taking casualties.  As soon as a British unit would break one of their units and ascend to the walls, this second line would work hard to inflict casualties and attempt to push them back.



This game swung back and forth on the wall – but eventually the British got in but had insufficient forces left to clear the city.    The game has gone 1-1 each way now.   Lots of fun.

2 thoughts on “Back to Ahmednuggur: More 15mm Wellesley in India

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Superb- the walled city with masses of troops vout side it is very evocative.




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