28mm Napoleonics – family effort


March 9, 2019 by wargamerchris

I’ve been painting 15mm Napoleonics since 1984, so when my younger son started collecting Warlord and Perry figures for the Waterloo campaign, I assumed we would pass through that phase…  here we are.  The Sharpe series didn’t help – a little too inspiring for a 12yo.

First – we don’t need to do this – so purely a labor of love and related to the excellent visual spectacle which is the Napoleonic era.  On top of that, we have literally hundreds of unpainted Warlord and Perry Miniatures on-hand.

Here’s what we had when we took stock:

3 Waterloo Starter sets from Warlord (2 2nd edition, 1 1st)

2 British Starter armies – Warlord

2 French Starter armies – Warlord

1 La Haye Saint set

2 Boxes Perry French infantry

2 Boxes Perry British infantry

2 Victrix later war french infantry sets

2  Victrix british infantry sets

2 Victrix french artillery sets

We also purchased some painted units off of eBay to get a start.  We have agreed to limit this project to the Peninsula and 1815 campaigns – it should take some years to paint what we have.


French ADC – painted by the son – not bad for a 12yo paint job!  He commanded the left wing brigade in our first game.   Rather a successful commander as well.


The french flank cavalry cross a stream and charge a battalion which failed to form a square.


Our first Victrix gun/ crew


The cover afforded by the hedge here didn’t make enough difference – BP2 can be a decisive set of rules!


A view from the farmyard as the blue wave moved to cross the bridge…



My son painted this colonel and his dog as well – they seem a pretty effective team.



Our only painted British cavalry regiment so far – in their usual tradition, they charged once and were destroyed a turn later!


We learned a number of things:

  1.  Black Powder 2 was easy to pickup for us as 1st edition players.
  2. 28mm Games need more table space!
  3. The British need more cavalry – even a combination of guns and squares didn’t stop an entire wing of cavalry.


We continue with more troops for both sides – after my French opponent rolled over my two brigades of redcoats, I quickly primed the rifles.  We are still looking for an available figure for Sharpe/ Harper!



One thought on “28mm Napoleonics – family effort

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great photos. I admire your ambition taking on a project of that size.




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