Oldhammer – Empire Wolf Chariot


March 19, 2019 by wargamerchris

Almost two years ago son #1 and I launched into an Oldhammer project which may be the ultimate one before he ships off to college and never looks back.  Our first steps were focused on Kislev/ Empire/ Chaos, and we have to stay there or we’ll never get to tabletop.

Several successful Ebay purchases, two marching band seasons later, we have finally started putting together some painted units and getting things ready for our first games.  Here is a custom piece which got brush time this week – a Wolf chariot for the Empire’s White Wolves – a unit of heavy wolf-mounted cavalry.


I have to own up to the fact that my son is the vintage Warhammer fantasy expert – I simply missed that stage while serving in the army and focusing on my historical periods for gaming.

I do know this is a custom piece – the chariot is made of balsa, with the throne behind him in plastic from some set or other and the wolf heads on the corners in plastic as well.  The chains are actual chains threaded over the wolves (INSANITY).    I don’t know where the wheels come from – they have a skull theme to them and are definitely GW as well.  Lastly, I don’t know if the figure is a GW figure or another fantasy figure – metal, but that’s all I know.


We got this piece unpainted with an Empire lot that included many norse-themed elements as well – more to come.


Basing for snow has come up more in our home lately – we’re doing Frostgrave elements as well as this project, so rather than just grass/ earth basing, my son asked for ice/snow like basing schemes for some of the units last they are finished.  Here is two tones of gray/ gray blue with GW Valhallan blizzard texture.

One thought on “Oldhammer – Empire Wolf Chariot

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Very nice work- liking the basing- looks very cold.




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