25mm Star Wars Rogue One – Jedha game


June 8, 2017 by wargamerchris


The Imperial tanks w/ crystals entered here at the bottom of the photo and had to make their way to the imperial garrison at upper left.

The scenario had bands of rebels, imperials, and fringers with different objectives mixing it up.  All sought Khyber crystals the empire was extracting from the planet and removing to the Star Destroyer hovering over the entire city.

The imperials kids had their act together – as soon as Director Krennic landed and took away the captured cargo pilot, the Stormtroopers dropped everything and ran for Imperial Shuttles – almost as if they knew what was coming…

We’ve used simple home rules for these Star Wars games.  The old WEG rules are fun for small games, but get clunky fast.  No one likes too many rules in this group.  Lots of fun all around.



A newly landed stormtrooper squad prepares to move out to secure the convoys with Kyber crystals


The main Imperial barracks


The good citizens of Jedha go about their business



One Imperial player got an AT-ST and used it to clear the road for the tanks



Every imperial player needed a pilot to get off-planet before the Death Star ‘test’



The Imperial Army garrison soldiers didn’t fully support their Stormtrooper brothers- often staying safe in their defnses.



Rebel commandos move to cutoff the tank entering in the lower left corner of the picture (they failed).



Annually we run a birthday game for the teenager and 10-12 of his friends.  I’ve had a 25mm Star Wars collection for years, and about 5 years ago ran into a gentleman selling 300+ superbly painted figures.

With Rogue One release in December, we quickly worked up figures to run a game based on the actions on the ground in Jedha before the Death Star test…

Here is the general layout – I didn’t have a city wall to enclose everything, but with this many players, I needed a big layout.



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    Simply awesome. Great work.

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