Lions Rampant – A game we admired – 1/72 Teutonics vs Russians

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June 23, 2017 by wargamerchris

At HMGS Little Wars, this game was run early in the convention, and I couldn’t even get close to the GM to ask about it – it was a thing of beauty.  It was also the first notion I had that people played these rules – now very much a part of our family gaming portfolio (Dark Ages).

If you know who put this together, I’d love to hear from you.


Teutonic Order versus Russians.


The Russians near the town


A wider shot – the pictures don’t do the overall presentation justice!


Stoic Teutonic infrantry brace as they receive a charge


Horse sergeants


Countercharge moves in


These 1/72 scale figures looked amazing up close – and the variety of units/ poses was amazing



I had to run a game of my own, so never saw how this finished – in general, I have to say this was tremendously inspiring.  Being done w/ 1/72 plastics just made this even more impressive!

Wow!   If this was your game please reach out.  Well done!

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