Gen Con 50- a miniature gamers day (pic heavy)

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August 23, 2017 by wargamerchris

I spent a good six hours today at Gen Con 50 – what a great day!

I took a bunch of pics, played two games and bought stuff…
First son shots from the vendor hall – fantasy flight Star Wars X-Wing, Armada releases:

A new game which caught our eye – mythological/ fantasy gladiatorial combat game:

Here is a fortress wall from 4 ground for their fabled realms range.  The walls look right for a range of periods and the dimensions felt very usable for ancients to medieval.  Very nice piece and their booth was exceedingly busy.  I bought this one in a moment of weakness. – it weighed 15 pounds!  Check it out on their site.

Another one that caught our attention was Academy Games 878 Vikings.  Map board, miniatures, interesting mechanics – good stuff!  Bought it.

Mantic had their Walking Dead All-out-war demo up – Inplayed asbRick Grimes and lost….  the boys played each other a couple days later and really enjoyed it.

A caravan game with miniatures – May be tempting.

Saga tables looked very nice.



This Mordheim table caught our eye.


I will add some Sunday photos time permitting.

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