New Star Wars 25mm/ 28mm Aliens, Rebels, Guerrillas, and vehicles for Battle of Jedha (pic heavy)

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January 21, 2018 by wargamerchris

So this weekend provided a window to finalize painting of my new 25mm/ 28mm Star Wars Miniatures for the convention version of the Battle of Jedha.  Since my first game a year ago, I’ve been looking for some additional figures for Guerrillas for Saw’s units (ambushing the imperial hover tank).  A few weeks ago I ordered a set of figures from 1st Corps Sci Fi range – they come with masks and in some cases ponchos.    I have to say, after painting them, that I was very pleased.


Upon reflection, I think these guys will make passable rebel commandos as well as guerrillas on Jedha- a Scarif game is likely someday, so these guys will have a while.  They are also closer to 25mm than many of the heroic 28mm figures on the market, so very nice.  Kudos to the gents at 1st Corps – definitely ordering more.20180121_1434411315080983.jpg20180121_1434551725361980.jpg

This last pic shows the carrying handle for the rifles on the guy on the left.  I chopped these off where I could – my son insisted that the rifles look more ‘Star Wars’ without.

The second group of figures I was thrilled by were some 3d prints that my oldest picked out.  These designs were selected from Thingiverse (free) and then printed at the local library graphic printshop.  I have to say I was completely stunned – all credit to my son, I never knew they existed until he told me about it all.

These are a number of shots of about the 1st half of the figures that he has brought home so far:


I also was able to paint up one of my Imperial Assault AT-ST’s – they really are nicely done and I need one as part of the escalation table for the Imperial players:


On the right is the Hover Tank introduced in Rogue One – recently appearing in Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels.  The is  3D print design recently released for users to try – I think it looks great and replaces a number of improvised tanks I used last year.  The print was rough, but with some additional weathering and the Kyber crystal container on the back, it will do nicely:


Eventually this week the commander will be added – he’s a slightly modified Dewback rider from Imperial Assault.  Anyone with ideas for the Tank Commander trooper/ helmet type I can add instead.

(You can see the stand-in tank in the picture here – just outside the bunker in the center of the shot)


I was also able to paint up the speeder I printed:


I finally painted up four of the vintage Star Wars RPG figures – these guys are definitively 28mm, so somewhat taller than most of the collection:


I also painted a squad of Corellian security troops – I think these are GZG minis – but they came from various convention flea markets, so I’m open to correction:


I have a lot of WEG rebel infantry in the familiar Tantive IV corellian uniforms – but these guys will allow me a squad with some variety.

See my other post for our version of Casian, Jyn Urso, and two-tubes (Saw’s lieutenant).  I’m getting upbeat about the game this coming weekend.

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