15mm Command Decision Test of Battle – Gallipoli scenario


February 7, 2018 by wargamerchris

Warning:  This was not a historical simulation set up. My 11 yo, a talented gamer, is studying Gallipoli, and in a typical challenge, while at home for a bit, I was able to setup a turkish position on a ridge and a brigade of the 29th Infantry division to take it on.


This game was pretty much ‘come as you are’ planning, so the trenched ridge is perhaps 20 years old and doesn’yt Match the excellent cigar box battles mat I got in their recent double sided kickstarter.

As the post title suggests, we’re using the Command Decision Test of Battle rules with WW1 special rules for shrapnel, MG suppression, and command radius.    I’ve had Turks and British infantry for this battle for perhaps 12 years without a game, so antsy to actually get this one started.

Scenario – 88th Brigade, 29th Inf division land and assault the Ottoman entrenchment at the base of the ridges.  I’m foregoing the landing challenges  – though they are material, I have an 11yo opponent, so need to simplify.

British 88th Brigade includes

Brigade HQ w/

1Cmd std (Single fig)

1Eng std

2 Infantry battalions each w/ (1Essex, 1 Royal New Foundland)

HQ w/

1 Cmd std

1 MMG std

4 Infantry companies ea w/

1 Cmd Inf std

3 Inf stds

1 Infantry battalion (1/5 Royal Scots) as above, but with two attached companies from the 4th battalion of the brigade (2 Hampshires).


The Turks have two understrength infantry battalions and a 75mm Battalion.  (1st AND 2ND 72nd INF Regt.)

HQ w/

1 Cmd std

2MG Std

3 Companies ea w/

1 Cmd inf std

3 Inf stds


The 75mm Battalion has

1 Cmd std

3 Batteries ea w/

1 75mm Gun

1 Crew std.



We’ll be playing late this week or on the weekend – I’ll update on the results – I suspect a tough time for the British infantry.

One thought on “15mm Command Decision Test of Battle – Gallipoli scenario

  1. Al says:

    outstanding…… I use CD for all games


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