15mm Louisiana Zouaves – a love for Stone Mountain minis, ACW, and Johnny Reb when I was younger. Blame the guys on Little Wars TV!

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May 19, 2020 by wargamerchris

One of the things which I have really enjoyed since the fall has been the content on Little Wars TV – those guys in Pennsylvania are clever and their content quality is a model for others to follow.

One of the by-products of their work was a quick video segment inside their Bull Run battle report in which they show off their 15mm ACW collections used in the game.  Tucked into that segment were several passing shots of a colorful regiment of Zouaves that I didn’t have.  These fellows were wearing straw hats and red shirts/ coats.

I recognized the figures as being 15mm Stone Mountain – a range I used to buy at a local Illinois game store in the 1980s and early 90’s.  The range sculpting is unique, but I really loved the animation and when painted, I often find I like them as unique among the many regiments of Old Glory, Essex, Heritage and others.

You can imagine where this story goes….

20200309_2248077567907968901525174.jpg20200309_2248035941689963650132049.jpg20200309_2247558592038351707791996.jpgI 100% blame the guys at Little Wars TV for my two orders to Stone Mountain, for refurbishing my ACW regiments – many of which are decades old, and for reminding me how much the history of the ACW fascinates me.  They are still available on the Stone Mountain website.

Incidentally, I have purchased vaughan forts from Stone Mountain, and they are highly recommended.  Perhaps I’ll post a few pics of it next time I pull it out.  I’ve been eyeing Vauban Wars – the siege rules game from Eric Burgess – on his Din of Battle website.  I think they’re out for printing so this long time project may actually come to fruition.

I appreciate the value of nostalgia in this hobby.

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