Can anyone identify the manufacturer of these vintage 15mm Potemkin Russian infantry?


January 17, 2018 by wargamerchris

A couple months ago, a friend who has been helping pass along an estate collection sent me a few pics of some Russians for Suvorov’s army in 1800.

In the background  of  some of the pics I spied the uniforms of what had to be Potemkin pattern figures.  Wow!

As with many things I don’t know what I don’t know…  anybody recognize manufacturer?  I think 1970s or 80’s.  Two different manufacturers.

I repainted the yellow fur crests – many grognards will recall how pathetic all yellow paints used to be until recently.  The white plumes are grenadiers by the way.




One thought on “Can anyone identify the manufacturer of these vintage 15mm Potemkin Russian infantry?

  1. Eric Starnes says:

    Hey Chris,
    The grenadier officer is definitely a Minifigs officer. They look like someone has taken 1806 Prussian grenadiers (who wore a similar helmet) or Danish Nap. grenadiers (again, same helmet) and painted them as Russians. My first thought was the old Jacobite Danish line but I don’t recall those figures having the muskets across their waists. Do they have turnbacks? If not, then they can’t be 1806 Prussian grenadiers.
    And here I thought I was on the cutting edge when I contracted out the 1788 Russo-Swedish War line to FFUK in the mid-1990s!


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