28mm Dark Ages Shieldwall Rampant Playtest

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April 21, 2018 by wargamerchris

We are prepping in ng for HMGS Little Wars. We are running a game about a Viking raid on an Irish monastery. There is a lot of fascinating history associated with the Irish coastal monasteries and the many years when raiding came to Ireland.

So a quick summary – my son had the Danes – one half unit of berserkers (mean-ar-arms), twi units of warriors with decent armor (foot sergeants) and one unit of cavalry (mtd. Sergeants).

My defenders were somewhat over-matched as I had one unit of warriors for my shieldwall (foot sergeants), one unit of archers (archers), one unit of levy militia (foot yeoman) and a half unit of warrior monks (foot yeoman).

The game was really about relearning the mechanics of fighting Dark Ages with the rules. Some pics then of the wave of Danes rolling into and then over my men….

I lost. The missing photos would show my warriors Nd levy ‘battered’ in the village, my monks and warlord reduced to 4 figures, and my luckless ineffectual archers holding the line for one more minute….

The convention game will be three times the size of this one, but it was a good warm up.

One highlight, when all was looking grim, my warlord rode out and challenged the Dane and defeated him. Of course not one of the Danish units failed its courage test – it only made them angrier! 😐

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